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We have over twenty years experience.
We provide our precision engineering skills to enhance local industry.

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plastic extrusion

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We do:-

cnc machining
cnc milling
cnc manufacturing
cnc machine parts
cnc prototyping
cnc components

precision sprues and nozzles for plastics production

Bespoke machined parts. That one-off item you need but can’t find anywhere.  

The batch run of parts you need quickly and locally for speedy communications, action and collection of order. 

The production parts that you need day in day out, want to keep business local and have the confidence that you can get the parts with a just on time approach.

A business that can help your business reduce your stock holding and allow a “call off agreement” with us the machine shop. 

Analyse your parts usage, agree the yearly usage based on solid data gathered from your own system.

Agree prices and call off from that stock as and when throughout the year with a just in time purchase order. Any stock not used can be bulk purchased to ensure agreements are adhered to. 

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